Hand Soap Ball


1. Basically the same as handball.
The sport of putting the ball into the opponent's goal. Each round is 10 minutes .
2. The number of teams is six people per team
Four field Players, one Goalie, one Soaper.
3. Before the game, the players put the one layer/pump of soap on the hands.
4. If any player drops the ball during the game, they need to run to the Soaper and add one more layer of soap.
The Soper cannot enter the field.
5. It is a foul called "chesting" to catch with the chest.
Add one extra layer of soap for fouls. Keeper can do a chest catch.
6. When the keeper also drops the ball, soap gets add on the ball.
7: When the ball goes out of the field, add soap on the ball.
8. During the match, it is possible to "soaping declaration" to the enemy.
Add 1 soap if the declared player's hands are dry.
If it is slippery, add 1 soap to the player who declared it.
9: After the game, shake hands with all players, including enemies and allies, with smooth hands.
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