The JOMP cosmos is global, heterogeneous, and growing. Below you will find a first overview of our initiators and core drivers, and an introduction of our members. Soon we will be including more institutions and personalities in their respective roles and functions.

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Membership – JOMP on board
Besides general sponsorship and projects, memberships are a third way to make JOMP grow and create effect. Find here what benefits and obligations of members are. And get introduced to the members themselves: see who are among the first to embody JOMP and make our movement flourish.


The added value for members spreads from the very idealistic to the very practical
Ideal value added
Members support the pursuing of an extremely important and relevant goal: Improving health and happiness in this world.
Social value added
Members become part of a unique community of dedicated idealistic innovators and promotors.
Practical value added
  • Prime access to inspirations, methods, materials, and experts
  • Pole position in projects and initiatives planned within JOMP
  • Insights into best practice models and examples
  • Visibility on the JOMP website and in JOMP events and publications
  • A minimum amount of free interactions per year, and a discount in larger consultancy affairs
  • Acquisition of valuable new knowledge, skills, competences, which advance members´ organization and  personnel
Emotional value added
Members share the joy of working together towards an important common goal.
Plus: All events and initiatives within JOMP are designed to bring joy to the participants as well.

Berufsfachschulen Heimerer GmbH

Why did you become a member?
We were looking for ways to teach our students an active lifestyle with all its benefits without forcing them to anything. With Fozzy and its team we found a great partner for a long lasting solution.
What does JOMP bring to your organization?
JOMP helps us to implement solutions in our school that are easy to install and to access. They bring joy to our students while training them.
How can you contribute to the success of JOMP?
Our network in the healthcare sector especially in nursing and therapy institutions, is predestined to implement similar measures in order to gain happier and healthier employees.
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Become a member

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