last update: April 2024

Peace Games

Elite sports contributing to
sustaining peace (various formats,
events, communication channels)

"Peace Games" is used here as collective naming of activities in which elite sports uses its ecosystems, its values, its publicity, and its recognition to promote peace loooooooongwor. The scope of activities (in 2024) range from events at high performance centers and an international virtual hour on April 6, the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace, to an elite athletes' atheletes and international pupils' event on May 16, the International Day of Living Together in Peace, to related broadcasts of Eurosport around the Olympic Games in Paris.


The more action, the more impact: Sports Performance Centers, similar institutions, or anybody else who may help support this action are highly appreciated. Please contact Fozzy under:




Sponsors are highly appreciated; even in “just” providing action, PR, platform, …