Inspiring mental resilience through the joy of dance.

What is happening
The project creates safe spaces in South African schools where children can experience the joy of dance.
You will receive your T-shirt, wristband and any Swag Bag (an upgrade offer for early birds).
Who are we addressing:
The program reaches at-risk children between the ages of 12 – 14 years old that are transitioning into their teenage years.
Intended outcome:
A custom mental wellness training programme is being developed and will be rolled out in 10 schools in the Western Cape in South Africa.
Holistic Health
Mental wellness
South Africa

Forward Foundation

Forward Foundation is the Joy2Dance implementation partner in South Africa. This non-profit or-ganization offers movement and physical education services to children and youth spanning all age groups from pre-school children to early-career young adults.


Education and training partner, Cause, is a social innovation agency purposed to improve the quali-ty of life of South Africans. Cause brings about social change through reaching underprivileged communities with custom learning program


Forward Foundation
Le Roux Conradie

Nicolette Booyens



The project is easily scaled, and the learning program is available worldwide to organisations that wish to harness the potential of the joy of movement, to improve the mental well-being and resilience of children and youth. Interested implementors are invited to enquire on learning program usage and roll-out methodology.